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Build Your Own Private New York With Us ...

"You start building your private New York the first time you lay eyes on it ... There are eight million naked cities in this naked city - they dispute and disagree. The New York City you live in is not my New York City; how could it be?"

Colson Whitehead in Colossus of New York

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IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE: We are native New Yorkers ... the Big Apple is our home. Venice is our second home ... we know it inside and out.

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Gondolas On The Grand Canal
Bahn Mi unstacked
1) A fresh baguette with crisp crunchy crust
… never tough or dry
2) Bird chiles or jalapenos
3) Ham made with a bit of pig’s ear, for crunch
4) Steamed pork roll seasoned with fish sauce
5) Minced barbecued pork with a sweet glaze
6) Pickled carrots and daikon radish
7) Cucumber, thin slices or thick spears
8) Fresh cilantro, small tender sprigs are best
9) Pork liver pate, peppery and spreadable

Foodie Fridays…Mostly on Fridays or Saturdays Sample The Best Of Class

Asian…Bahn Mi, Hand Pulled Noodles, Spices, Chicken Curry Soup, Bargain Bites
Cheese: Italian, Us Artisanal; World Favorites
Sandwiches:  Porchetta , Vietnamese Bahn Mi And Other Favorites
Pizza: 3 Different Types
$75 Per Person Plus Food...



New.... The lower eastside has long been a tourist destination.

Katz's Deli (best pastrami sandwich) and The Tenement Museum are on every tourists list. Now suddenly, it seems, the lower eastside has expanded its allure.

Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques

Whole Foods exhibit on the Bowery poster and Amusing Sign Over a Health Display

Two foodie destinations that we love: Essex Market & the week-end Hester St. Market. Somewhere along the way, it became hip to call this area L.E.S.  A hard transition for me.

Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques

Amazing resource: our favorite store where you find every ingredient, obscure and from all over the world

Whatever its nomenclature, join us to explore this new hot art area of town. Art Allures: THE NEW MUSEUM …contemporary art moves downtown... Sperone Westwater Gallery…the poshest and most designed gallery in the area. Norman Foster Is the architect. And dozens of other galleries.

Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques

New Museum & Venitian Blind Exhibit

Sperone Westwater Gallery


Plus… A gigantic Whole Foods Market that pays homage to its new neighborhood with a fascinating Exhibit of the history of the Bowery. And we love their dessert buffet.

Daniel Boulud's  newest bistro on the Bowery offers an eclectic menu from hot dogs to a whole Pig dinner to be washed down with beers from all over the world. Half or full day tour…Cost depends on number of people. Contact us for prices.


AND ALWAYS OUR LATEST CULINARY 'FIND' mini-cupcakes trump their big brothers. Love them!
Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques Soho Boutiques

Mini Cupcakes Baked by Melissa