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The Connoisseur Cook exclusive tours to intrigue the most avid foodie:

We offer various cooking learning experiences from cooking classes to examination of a particular topic like spice exploration, for example

La Boites 41 spice blends …created by Lior, chef and spice maven who through years of experimentation, has developed over 40 different spice blends. Daniel Boulud and Eric Rippert, star chefs, are fans and use Lior’s spices in their restaurants.

As we visit his small store, I will share my copy of his $50 cookbook, The Art of Blending. Dali. Luberon. Isphahan. Breeze are just some of spices I bought to use in Interesting recipes such as beer can chicken, egg salad with bouquerones.Breeze blend combines lemon, green tea, anise and More.

Eric Ripert has added varieties to his pantry of distinctive spice blends, inspired by his travels and assembled with Lior Lev Sercarz, the owner of La Boîte, a spice shop in Manhattan. Australia suggested the Oz blend, an earthy mix of coffee, pepper and lemon myrtle that makes a terrific rub for venison. Hanguk, great for seafood, even raw clams, offers Korean-style chile heat with notes of seaweed. Sofrico, which blooms when mixed with good olive oil, tastes like Puerto Rico or Spain, with rich hints of tomato, garlic and bell pepper: