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Restaurant Recommendations - Our Favorites

Restaurant strategy 101…we lay it out all for you. Eating very early or very late? What matters: location, free wheeling menu, tasting menu, price, choosing “right” restaurant group.

We consult with you on your preferences and come up with suggestions and the back story.

Two of our favorite restaurants: Nomad & Petrossian Caviar Feast

Lunch at the NoMad restaurant with the extraordinary food of Daniel Humm…a master of textures and robust flavor. Cruditee presentation brings the freshest of tiny vegetables to a new level. Spaghetti with garlic scapes, almonds and basil ; simply the best pasta I have ever tasted ; beef roasted with chanterelles, zucchini and mint; milk and honey dessert with shortbread brittle served as a birthday cake. It was my birthday.

PETROSSIAN CAVIAR TASTING OF 3 CAVIARS & a CAVIAR MARTINI…is a luxury splurge like no other. Enjoy Petrossian caviar in their handsome New York City restaurant housed in a landmark apartment building or order on line to indulge at home. Expensive but worth it. Or buy the bargain $95 treat complete with red fish roe, blini and crème fraiche