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…What’s Hot…Trends and What’s Worth waiting at no reservation restaurants and coping with the one month in advance reservation rush.


Make no mistake about it…food trends come and go…some foods are consistent favorites

On the food radar now and worth tasting:

Left: Vietnamese Bahn Mi - Right: David Chang's Spicy Chickien

Sandwiches…David Chang’s spicy chicken sandwich replaced last years darling, Vietnamese Bahn Mi, a stacked wonder. We still love this Vietnamese specialty, finding a good rendition is the challenge.

Pizza…Our current favorites at Danny Meyers Marta and his North End Grill - Tacos at Empellon...simply delicious.

Ice Cream…creative flavors tempt and the ice cream sandwich gets an update. In addition to cookies. brownies, donuts, waffles, brioche bun are new ways to hold ice cream. A great version at Dominique Ansel’s bakery splits a Breton pastry to hold plain vanilla ice cream.

Left: Ice Cream at Dominique Ansel's - Payard's Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Harrry & Ida’s Meat Supply Company in the east village challenges Katz’s  pastrami sandwich, for decades everyone’s undisputed best pastrami sandwich.

We made our way to their tiny postage stamp store where they assured me that their pastrami sandwich was in a class all their own.
It is but not. In a positive way, a challenge to Katz’s superior pastrami sandwich.

Harry & Ida’s pastrami sandwich. In our opinion, not the best sandwich in New York, no matter what the Village Voice thinks.
Love their innovative products such as garlic scapes.

They dump rye bread in favor of a squishy roll. And who would pile on dill as a garnish? Or cut pastrami in chunks?

It’s worth a trip to Harry & Ida’s anyway. Where else would you find an eel sandwich; pigs ears for your dog; plain sauerkraut juice; and scapes?
Appreciate the innovative approach of this store.

Salvation Burger…April Bloomfield and her partner , Ken Friedman, come up with another winner.


New York magazine predicts  Salvation Burger may be the burger joint to end all burger joints. Menu includes classic double cheeseburger, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, housemade hot dogs, skinny fries.

Bloomfield gets its beef from an upstate farm. Shes making her own cheese, a melty cheddar, her own mustard; pickling her own pickles, making her own potato bun