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Most people donít want to just see the tourist side of a city. Everyone who visits Venice will soon know that the Basilica and the Salute Church are monumental. We help you delve deeper and live like a Venetian. Here are just 2 hints:

  1. True Venetians dismiss the convenience of the vaporetto and walk everywhere. Itís a matter of pride and often itís actually much faster to walk.
  2. Venetians are addicted to their wine bars. Most of these are casual and tiny. Anytime of day will find them standing up at these bars engaged in convivial conversation and a quick glass of prosecco or a spritz (compari & soda & lime). Remember ... itís more expensive if you sit at a table.
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We are native New Yorkers ... the Big Apple is our home.
Venice is our second home ... we know it inside and out.

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Venice isnít, but seems, like a second home to me. I am absolutely in love with this glorious city. It has all the right vibes for me: history, romance, mystery, and majestic architecture.

We want you to love the city as much as we do and offer a variety of enticing tours and services.

Venice with Pizzazz Tours: Sample the Venice tourists do not see. Half-day and one-day tours.

Literary Venice in the 19th Century: April 2013, and, based on demand, October

Venice, Friuli, Slovenia, & Trieste: May 2013

Culinary Tour to Venice, Friuli, Slovenia, & Trieste: May 2013

Viva Venice & Florence: May 2013, and, based on demand, October 2013.  5 nights in Venice, 3 nights in Florence to sample the best of each city.

Custom Itineraries. Let us plan your stay in Venice for you. The best hotels to fit your budget. The best guides, where to eat the best fillet of beef at a price, where to shop for the most beautiful Murano glass. Save time. Save money. Contact us to find out more.

Apartment Rentals in Venice. Live like a Venetian, staying in your own apartment. We offer a small, carefully edited selection of apartments.

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