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A Passion for Food

I donít know when the pursuit of good food became a passion. Itís easy to trace some of the events in my life that influenced me:

Racing around the world doing research for my cookbook, I photographed at both Fauchon and Fortnum and MasonÖa daunting experience to kneel at these temples of gastronomy.

My career as a food publicist took its toll on my waistline, too.  Hob nobbing with the great chefs of the world both here and in Europe.  Being invited to eat at the "kitchen table" of Anton Mosimann at the Dorchester in London is particularly memorable.

Then, there were those times when I would be at a food conference for food editors. I managed to be part of a small pack of foodies that raced from restaurant to gourmet stores tasting at every stop.

As recently as last year, I paid $100 for overweight luggage, not for baubles and beads, but for the likes of truffle butter and bigoli de bassan (a special pasta only found in Venice).

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Tastings, cooking, making food shopping exciting.

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Food Lover's New York

3 to 4 hour tours offered throughout the year

Join us on one of our half-day New York food journeys (or create your own tour from the places mentioned below):




  • Two bread bakeries, the best in the city.
  • A new Spanish gourmet store: fresh chorizos, arroz cebella (rice for paella), marinated white anchovies, outstanding Spanish cheeses.  Generous tastings include vinegar, oil, chorizos and cheese.
  • Cheesecake:  we love the 2 bite cheesecake tarts: classic, espresso, carmel
  • Plus one entire block of gourmet temptations: one of those two bread bakeries, great sandwich place, coffee cafes, pasta and more.

Lower East Side

  • Katzís:  The premier, albeit shabby, New York deli: hot dogs, pastrami, corned beef , celery tonic.
  • Knishes:  Some people love them.
  • Il Laboratorio del Gelato:  One of the best ice creams in the city.
  • Russ & Daughters:  Appetizing store that offers chopped liver, herring, and smoked salmon cut to order.
  • Essex Food Market:  Revitalized. Great cheese, Chocolates, Coffee and Meat

The West Side

  • Zabarís, Fairway, Citarella, Whole Foods:  each has its own specialty and are worth a visit whether you buy or not.


ďThe BestĒ

  • Hot dogs:  4 contenders.
  • Hamburgers:  If you donít want to spend $21 on a fabulous hamburger at Twenty One, we offer several favorites.
  • Pizza:  The guide book favorites donít make it with us.  Our own favorites run the gamut from takeout of a fast food place run by one of our best New York chefs to a place across from Lincoln Center to the Mel Cooley at Grand Central Station Food Court (pesto, ricotta and roasted peppers).
  • Lobster Roll:  You donít have to go to Maine. Itís here in Greenwich Village.

Sweet Tooth

  • Chocolate:  Among all the international chocolate stores in New York City, a French chocolatier is our favorite.  A Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory look-alike in lower New York wins for most unusual chocolate offerings, and prices are reasonable.
  • The cityís very best bakeries.

New: A Taste of Flushing Walking/Noshing Tour
Our favorite, better than Chinatown. Dumplings, Hand Pulled Noodles, Spicy Lamb Kabobs.

Combine any of the stops above to create your own noshing tour.

$195 (USD) plus food and transportation (bus, subway, taxi) for 1 to 4 people for 3 to 4 hours. 

Contact us to schedule a tour.