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Culinary Detective...If you've heard of New York sensation chef...David Chang, wouldn't you like to know his favorite Montreal restaurants? In a recent magazine article David was asked where in the world would he like to eat. His answer: Joe Beef. What he didn't reveal was his favorite Montreal Chinese spot. We know where it is. Another jewel, Olive and Gourmando. This is one of those magical casual places that's always crowded. The best apple turnover I've ever eaten, crispy on the outside. And a Cubano sandwich that is in my Hall of Sandwich Fame.

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Tastings, cooking, making food shopping exciting.

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4 day Culinary Tour…

Poutine, a must try Montreal favorite

Fairmount Bagels has more than 20 varieties of incredible hand made and wood fired bagels

October, 2013


4 cooking classes:
Montreal has an amazing number of cooking classes.  The trick for us was to find classes taught in English. They are few and far between. However, perservance paid off and our schedule includes schools with interesting and innovative approaches to  food.

Ecole de cusine Mezza Luna, a highly respected school, is not on our list. In the class I took a few months ago, I was promised that English would be spoken. In a group of 30, I was the only American, mostly ignored as far as English explanations were concerned.

Class no 1…Lunchtime Gourmet  Presse a one hour capsule class of lunch with tips On recreating the menu. A novel  cooking class approach that participants love.

Class no. 2…Ateliers & Saveurs…love this school with its interesting menus and an engaging chef/teacher.

Class No. 3…Appetite for Books…a combination book store and cooking school. Highly recommended by Nick Malgieri, whose tenth book on baking was published in Sept.2010 and who gives baking classes at Appetite for Books. We will book a private class where we can choose the topic. At the moment, I’m thinking of lessons from Plenty, an English cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi. A Favorite recipe: Surprise Tatin - slices of cooked sweet potatoes layered with roasted tomatoes, carmelized onions & goat cheese, the whole topped with puff pastry.

Class No. 4…A Workshop Course at Ateliers & Saveurs…Topics are not available till mid-August but I assure you all of their offerings are outstanding. Previous workshops have included :Secrets & kinow-how of a great Quebec Chef, Follow the Chef at the Market  which includes a visit to the Atwater Market.

Mary Ann cooking at Ateliers & Saveurs

Classes at Ateliers & Saveurs

Sampling Canadian Cheese

In addition to our classes: Tastings of The Best Tastes of Montreal. These will include some of the following:

Fairmount Bagels, I think their bagels are the best I’ve ever tasted, far  better than the New York current addiction to monster bagels, Cheskie Hermishe Bakery …Babka and poppy seed rugelach, Le Fromentier…Gourmet says their “bread isn’t just the best breead we’ve had in Montreal, it may be the best bread we’ve ever had, period”. High praise indeed. Maple syrup…Coombs  Family Farms…another Gourmet recommendation. 80% of the world’s maple syrup is produced In Canada. Qui Lait Cru…an outstanding selection of Quebec cheeses at the Marche Jean Talon Market featuring over 100 producers Kitchen supply store at Ecole Mezza Luna…outstanding store but far from the center of town. One half of the store is a very good selection of cooking tools, the other part of the store sells guns and ammunition. Unique!

Other Best Tastes of Montreal will be added. Some of the above will be items I will pick up for tasting in my room. Each room is a suite with kitchen facilities. Distances are quite far unless the group wants to make a morning of dashing from place to place by shared cab rides.

Day 1…
Arrive in Montreal, check in at our hotel, The Embassy Suites. Each single room will be a suite with living room area and a full kitchen. Location is excellent, just a few minute walk from Vieux Montreal and the location of a couple of our cooking classes.

Afternoon: According to your arrival time, I will plan to introduce you to Vieux Montreal with perhaps a stop at Marche Bonsecours, a small upscale mall in a beautiful building.
Dinner at an elegant restaurant in Vieux Montreal.

Fred, one of  owners of Joe Beef, top notch Montreal restaurant, sometimes behind the bar

Oyster blackboard in Liverpool House
same owners as Joe Beef, they specialiize in Oysters

Day 2…
9:30 am Walk to Pointe-a-Calliere…Montreal Museum of archaeology and history.
18 minute video presentation chronicling the founding of Montreal, then see interesting archaeological ruins underneath the building.
Noon …  Gourmet Presse Lunch at Ateliers & Saveurs
Market Visit…
6pm…Dinner at Au Pied du Cochon…perhaps Montreal’s most famous restaurant
For some Quebecois specialties: foie gras, poutine (fried potatoes smothered in cheese curd), a bit daunting, but a local favorite. The restaurant is famous for its foie gras offerings, 10 in all.
Day 3…
9 am Leave for City sightseeing tour…A 3 hour bus tour that includes drive bys of Montreal’s most famous landmarks including Olympic Park, Montreal Harbor, University of Montreal etc. This is included in the tour but is an optional activity. You may want to use this time to wander on your own.
Schwart’z …for lunch.No trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to Scwartz’s to sample its smoked meat, mainly brisket. This is a small storefront where we will more than likely have to stand on line but it’s worth it.
6pm…Private cooking class at Appetite for Books…two to three  hours
Day 4
Museum of Fine Arts (optional) or morning free…
Neighborhood Noshing: Cheese Tasting, Bread Tasting, Bakery Favorites
After lunch visit Atwater Market…
6pm Ateliers & Saveurs Workshop
Day 5…
Leave for home or other destinations.

Cost: $2350 includes 4 night hotel suite room single occupancy with no single supplement,  breakfast is included, 4 cooking classes, entrance to Ponte-a-Calliere,  city sightseeing ,food samplings, lunch at Liverpool House.

Not included: lunches, dinner at Au Pied de Cochon, wine or alcholic beverages at any meal, coffee stops. Transportation by taxi or metro. Taxi is shared cost, in other words 3 or 4 to a cab will share cost.

Activities on each day may have to be rescheduled to a different day due to School schedules.

Early sign up important so we don’t get shut out of any class.