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Dumplings are one of the stars of this tour. Who knew there are so many varieties. We sample fried, boiled and steamed.

Our favorite dumpling spot is a tiny hole in the wall so small that you may have to take your dumplings out to the street and eat them there. It's worth it!

Another best spot, you get to sit down, that is if we get there early in the day.

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DELICIOUS TRAVEL: Savor the best of regional cuisine.
Tastings, cooking, making food shopping exciting.

A Taste of Flushing Walking/Noshing Tour

Artichoke Bottoms And Zucchini Blossoms At The Famous Market On A Canal-side Boat

Flushing New York

Sit down lunch, Mongolian Hot Pot, similar to fondue. Plus dumplings, hand pulled noodles, spicy lamb kabob, shaved ice fruit dessert.

Flushing is more varied and vibrant, more Hong Kong than Mott Street, a combination of familiar stores eg Macy’s and McDonald’s and the totally unfamiliar and exotic. We will show you how to navigate these bewildering streets and introduce you to the wonders of Flushing’s Asian cuisine. We explore and taste the foods from many different regions of China.


OUR NOSHING RAMBLE includes some of the following:

DUMPLINGS, HAND PULLED NOODLES, MONGOLIAN HOT POT, LAMB BURGERS ((NY Times declared it “the best sandwich in Flushing”)
A Few $1 Splurges… Peking Duck Buns at Corner 28, Spicy Lamb Kabobs from a street cart
GREAT DESSERT: Shaved Ice/Fruity Toppings
A Supermarket Walk-Around: The Hong Kong supermarket, a marvel of Asian ingredients and, wonder of wonders, most products are also labeled in English.

FLUSHINGS FOOD MALLS: You need to experience the Golden Shopping Mall (grimy but delicious), the Flushing Mall (antiseptic but its food praised by Taiwanese for its authenticity). A Luxury mall with two outstanding food destinations: Paris Baguette (mostly European pastries but a few Chinese) and the Rose House, an elegant English tea salon.

THE HONG KONG SUPERMARKET: If you are at all food obsessed, you will love shopping at an Asian supermarket. The problem, too often, is being able to figure out what you are looking at. Here you will be thrilled as most products also have an English translation. If you want to carry something home, here are a few products to consider: dried black mushrooms; noodles: cellophane and rice noodles used in stir frys or soups; sichuan peppercorns, these are not hot, they have an unusual flavor and aroma. Dried shrimp: soak in sherry to reconstitut. Strong flavor, use in small quantities. Five spice powder combines star anise, cinnamon, fennel, Sichuan peppercorns, cloves.

Asian Tasing Menu

Mobgolian Hot Pot: Is very similar to fondue. Legend has it that it originated with northern nomadic tribes. You can now eat Hot Pot in most regions of China, each version has differences in broth, meats, sauces.

Our Mongolian Hot Pot features paper thin slices of lamb, a wide array of vegetables and an interesting assortment of sauces accessed from a sauce buffet, and a raw egg. Dip each morsel in one of two simmering broths, one hot, the other mild, for a minute or two. Enjoy!

Costs depends on number of people in your group. Can be as little as 2 people